We inspire to innovate differently

Linear innovation is not working anymore. Digital leaders and startups show that new human centric methods, tools and mindset are better adapted to the new digital world. Every company or team can let this mindset OUTSIDE-IN. Digitalize your mind. We help you along the journey, we will not do it for you. We want to inspire and enable you to do it.

What we do

JumpNext is a network of European CUSTOMER FIRST digital innovation coaches. We are an OUTSIDE-IN accelerator for your innovation thinking and doing. Start the journey with your innovation team to be inspired by worldwide digital leaders and get insights from startups and external experts. Take advantage of methods & tools like design thinking, analytical immersion and lean startup to unlock your creative power in putting the CUSTOMER FIRST.

How we do it

JumpNext organizes learning-by-doing for your needs. Our OUTSIDE-IN approach allows you to access to external inspiration and insights instead of getting stuck in internal circles. Our workshops are more like semi-open events than an internal meeting or training - preferably in an outside location (co-working). We will organize your innovation thinking at the cross-roads of your CUSTOMERS, MOBILE DIGITAL innovations and USE CASES that make sense for your business and your people. Our proven workshop formats  and coaching programs allow you to speed up your innovation team and inject new viewpoints and methods into your initiatives. OUTSIDE-IN! Contact us now to get inspired.

Customer First
Mobile Digital Mindset
Use Case Driven


Don't get stuck inside. Get ideation OUTSIDE-IN your company! Workshop events may cover (standard track - adaptable à la carte):

1. Inspirational Keynote to dive into successes of digital leaders across the world

2. Impact Analysis using methods to investigate changes in your business driven by tech innovations / trends (group work)

3. Invited Startup or Expert or Round Table

4. Initiation in Design Thinking and Immersive Data Analysis to jump start "the doing" (group work)

Download your workshop template here.


JumpNext is a digital innovation network. Our mindset is CUSTOMER FIRST. We are working in teams of multi-disciplinary experienced international professionals. We speak at least French - English - German & Spanish. Contact us to learn more.
Maike Strudthoff
Maike Strudthoff

Innovation Coach / Futurist / Speaker

Strong customer first experience, design thinking, mobile digital mindset, outside-in coach, workshop & project leader. Speaks English, French, German.

Antonio Meza
Antonio Meza

Graphic Recording / Facilitation

Storytelling, visual communication, keynote speaker, experience creator, trainer. Speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian.


UX&UI / Prototyping / Topic Experts

We shape the right team from the network with the right skills according to the challenge we are working on.

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    .API economy .Apps .Artificial Intelligence .Augmented Reality (AR) .Beacons .Big Data / Data Intelligence .Bots .Buy Buttons .Business Model Canvas .Chatbots .Commerce Gap .Connected Cars .Connected Home .Context Driven .Conversational Commerce .Customer Centric Approach .Customer Experience .Data intelligence .Data science .Decoupling of devices & services .Design Thinking .Digital Check .Digital Checkout .Digital enabled Customer Journey .Digital Future .Digital Identity .Digital Payments .Digital Store Concept .Digitale Giganten .Ease of Use .End-to-End Customer Journeys .Experience Design .Hands Free Payment .Image Recognition .InApp Pay .Inkubatoren .Innovation Lab .Innovation Mgt .Instant Apps .Instore Service .Instore Tech .Integrated Customer Journey .Internet of Things .Lean Startup .LBS .Loyalty Programs .Machine Learning .Market Traction .Messenger Apps .Messenger Commerce .Messenger Pay .Mobile as Growth Driver .Mobile POS .Mobile Transactions .Mobile Wallet .Mobility Pay .mPay .Omnichannel .Omnichannel Payments .Online-Offline-Bridge .Order Ahead .Own Brand Payment .P2P Payments .pay .Payment as a Feature .Platform Economies .Plug&Play Pay .Proximity Pay .Proximity Payments .QSR / Fast Food Industry .Re-Commerce .Reduce Friction .Retail Analytics .Robots .Seamless Experience .Self Checkout .Shopping App .Shopping Assistent .Shopping Convenience .Smartwatches .Social Commerce .Social Networks .Startup .Startup Collaboration .Telco .Usage Adoption .Use Case Driven .VAS (Value Added Services) .Virtual Assistants .Virtual Reality (VR) .Virtual Showrooms .Visual Commerce .Visual Search .Voice Control .Wearable Tech