Design Thinking

At the beginning we always ask about the WHY. Then follows the HOW. And finally the WHAT. When selecting the WHAT from our tools & methods box, you’ll get a future-proof way of doing. Inspired by models that made startups successful.

We work with Design Thinking, Lean Startup Principles, different types of Canvases, etc. The mix depends on the WHY and HOW.

We inject Design Thinking & Doing into programs, projects, trainings, events, seminars, etc. 

AI, Big Data & Design Thinking (Oct 2017)

1/2 day Learning-by-Doing workshop on AI & Big Data use cases across the world, finding an idea by team, running a first validation cycle of the addressed problem using Design Thinking tools (personas, customer journey map), prioritization of problem areas, Design Thinking theory and tool tips.

Design Thinking to create value with data (Oct 2017)

1/2 day workshop organized by “Cercle Marketing Client” in Paris.¬†Testing various tools of Design Thinking to shift focus to “user problems” before talking about “solutions”.