Innovation is not a linear process. It’s a mindset, an iterative and agile way to work including exploration, ideation, experimentation, sprints, jumps and the collaboration of multidisciplinary people.

At JumpNext we marry creativity and science: methods, tools, data. We want to bring success factors from the digital era into your environment. We want to cultivate your empathy for customer and people experiences.

Examples of our past events:

AI, Big Data & Design Thinking (Oct 2017)

1/2 day Learning-by-Doing workshop learning about AI & Big Data use cases across the world, finding an idea by team, running a first validation cycle of the addressed problem using Design Thinking tools (personas, customer journey map), prioritization of problem areas, Design Thinking theory and tool tips.

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Testing the Design Thinking method to create value with data  (Oct 2017)

1/2 day workshop organized by “Cercle Marketing Client” in Paris. Testing various tools of Design Thinking to shift focus to “user problems” before talking about “solutions”.

  1. Keynote & Why it is important
  2. Idea Generation
  3. Customer Journey Mapping
  4. Sharing & more Theory

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Try your first “learning-by-doing” experience

JumpNext takes the role to put Design Thinking, Analytical Immersion, Lean and Startup Mindset into action in your team. To allow a first experience with our OUTSIDE-IN approach we offer a standard innovation event. It has been conceived as a “first experience” to apply selected methods & tools together with you while working directly on a challenge relevant to you. However, if you wish to select another configuration from our methods & toolbox you may put it together like building with lego.

The standard track is a half-day workshop (adaptable à la carte):

  1. Inspirational Keynote to dive into successes of digital leaders across the world (on your selected topic)
  2. Impact Analysis using methods like business model canvas or creative ideation to investigate future changes or opportunities in your business driven by the selected topic / tech innovation / trend (group work)
  3. Invited Startup or Expert or Round Table to get more outside-in perspectives
  4. Design Thinking Exercise and/or Immersive Data Analysis to jump start “the doing” on your selected topic (group work)


Your Workshop Template

You may download
“Your Workshop Template” here
to get more details on the approach and planning your event.

What to expect from the inspirational keynote

We have been observing and analyzing mobile-digital leaders from across the world since 2012. Every month we consolidate a selection of “leading examples to learn from” into the inno-insight platform. These concrete examples and success factors make trends “touchable”, comparable examples make it easier to understand the concrete impact of the new and if there might be an opportunity in reach for your business. The keynote will also give you inspiration for the following work sessions. For each event the topic will be adapted to the audience and their context.

Design Thinking Experience

Design Thinking is a large toolbox allowing to gain in CUSTOMER CENTRICITY and AGILITY. It is used to work in a customer first mindset all along innovation initiatives – so it’s not just a workshop. However, the OUTSIDE-IN event gives you a short but concrete experience of “doing it” on a topic selected by you.


Click here to see the Workshop Template including selected cases where we put our methods & tools into action.

Contact Us

If you have a question, want to find out more or discuss your event objectives: please contact us. We can send you examples of topics, past keynotes or workshop materials. Don’t hesitate to write or call for an exchange (free of any obligations).