Lean Startup Day Paris 2018 was a real success. Dan Toma’s opening keynote addressed the question: why dinosaurs (Corporates) need to learn dancing  – read a summary of the day here.

How to be inspired by customer problems

“How to discover real problems and needs of my target group?” was the question Maike Strudthoff from JumpNext worked on with the participants of one of the workshops at #LSD18. The objective was to discover the Design Thinking method to immerse into customer’s daily reality. In the learning-by-doing exercise, the four groups selected a business context and target customers. Based on the customer journey map participants described a persona, laid out their journey step by step and identified the emotional status line before selecting potential opportunity areas for innovation.

This classroom exercise allows for a first shift of perspective to get closer to the point of view, aka problems, of the real user. However, in real life it is crucial to get out of the building, to talk to real users, to get into the shoes of the user. This typically shifts perspective a big time as workshop room hypothesis don’t get validated in reality. So, never miss to get out of the building.