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Move from uncertainty to results FASTER.

Let’s collaborate & co-create!

We have a lego-like box of robust bricks to plug into your challenges:

  • based on tested & proven methodology, tools and skills
  • inspired by models that made startups successful
  • believing that digital innovation is above all a mindset, a way we work and do
  • powered by people who care
We are a network of talented coaches and facilitators with senior experience and diverse backgrounds. We join forces to fill the white spaces in your puzzle and move you from uncertainty to results FASTER.

You want to empower your teams to be leaders in the world of VUCA?

We create learning experiences that drive culture, mindset, skills, methods and tools in teams of all sizes. We have inspired, kick-started and coached people in various environments to learn, adopt and grow in NEWLAND (from 5 to 500 participants).

Do you want to boost your team? Ask about our learning-by-doing experiences or event activities.

You want to build products & services that your customers love?

We have helped our clients with various backgrounds and sizes to validate their customers’ motivations, needs and problems to design products & services creating customer delight.

Are you struggling with real customer understanding and creativity beyond first ideas?

Wonder what might work for you? Contact us or book your free Q&A Consult.

We help teams to Jump to the Next level of success in the digital era. Learn more about our formats ranging from 2h events via 1 day sessions to multi-months programs.

The network

Maike Strudthoff

Maike Strudthoff

Innovation Coach / Speaker / Co-Founder

Strong customer first mindset, design thinker, chef d’orchestre, facilitator, practitioner, program leader, keynote speaker. Speaks French, English, German.
Antonio Meza

Antonio Meza

Graphic Recording / Workshop Facilitation

Storytelling, visual communication, keynote speaker, experience creator, trainer.  Speaks French, English, Spanish.
Elisaveta Wrangell

Elisaveta Wrangell

Pedagogy / Training / Pitch Coach

Storytelling, communication skills enablement, audience analysis, interactive training development. Speaks French, English.


Codesign / Collective Intelligence

We are partnering with facilitators and designers with a large track-record to accelerate collaborative outcomes.



Lean Startup

We mix the right coaches from our Lean Startup network to respond to your context.   



UX/UI Design / Prototyping / Topic Experts

We shape the right team from the network with the right skills according to the challenge you are working on.